Saturday, April 21, 2018

icing and one handed typing

making  7 minute frosting for jims  angel food birthday cake. so thought id post as im beating icing. hence 1 handed typing.
made cake from scratch which ive been into lately. jim has been here visiting for a week and will be here next week too-fixing fence, putting in raised planters for mom. i have to dig up her garden bed tomorrow. i think he should move to okanagan after he retires.

rw and jim were working on moms fence all day while i made cake and puttered around yard and deck-was a delightful day. there is hyacinth blooming in backyard grass, and apricot tree is blooming. i just stood under it, smelling and looking at the blooms. had to cut grass yesterday-spring is definitely here. i didnt use to think so, but spring maybe my favourite season.

going to run 10 k tomorrow, as ive been doing sun run training since jan. i (run is held in vancouver) couldnt go to actual run, so thought id doit myself! im enjoying running again-the training has been good-manageable.

am going to take on new thing at work-helping organize and put into place new mhsu office  in west kelowna.
i told my boss i was interviewing for another job as I wanted a bit of a change (am now typing 2 handed). So she asked if I wanted to do this and I said sure-best of both worlds, because I really do like my work, but need to do different things to keep fresh. PLus she needs someone to do this. I may be losing my mind, as it will be busy-but I like doing new things. The leadership team is so awesome at my work, and the team I lead is also great, and I really like my work, but find myself needing to switch things up a little, so this will be good. The other job I was applying for was non-union, which means, not unlimited massage-so i get to keep that and still do work I like.
Ask me in 6 months if this was a wise idea to take on something new while still  keeping my role with ACT.

Kris has moved into town, which seems strange! she last lived here 33 years ago-so having her here makes me think more about past in a way.I'm happy shes here, but it does feel weird.

It's been a good spring-I wondered if I'd feel depressed about turning 50, but so far, not at all! Maybe the quilt I will be getting has prevented depression?


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