Friday, December 08, 2017


we went to Edmonton this week. We had tickets for Diana Krall at the Winspear but also Bob had his surgery scheduled for Wednesday and we wanted to be here for that.  Bob is home now but he is a little confused so we will stay until Sunday so Wilf can make sure the home care set up is working well.  His surgery was at the Alex and our experience there was good, all nurses and support staff were great.  I kept my eyes peeled for Grace,  gave me something to do during the long hours of waiting.  Alas, no Grace to be seen.

I did go out for supper with her and Dylan on Tuesday while Wilf spent time with Bob. It was very enjoyable, good company and great Italian supper.

On Thursday I went for lunch with Al at another great Italian place we had a great visit and got caught up.

Turns out Bob does not have a tumour on his kidney so they did not remove it.  That was good because he was stressed that they would screw up and remove both.  He does have cancer, lymphoma, not sure on the stage or what the prognosis is yet.  The doc said 3 to 4 weeks before the detailed biopsy will be finished.  Wilf has been with h8m all day getting him settled and a walker etc.

The concert was good, I really liked the venue, I have never been there before so that was a treat.  There was a lot of instrumentals during the concert, not too much singing.  That was disappointing, I am not too big on jazz instrumentals.  On the plus side she sang sunny side of the street, one of my favourites.

I wonder what is up with people in Edmonton not wearing socks, I noticed at the hospital and all around.  Must be the hipster thing, I kept mine on and feet warm.  No hipster here.  Signing off from the big E.


Blogger bethsivak said...

Thanks for the update Laura.....good news about the tumor, but not sbout the cancer...good that Wilf is getting him settled.

5:26 PM  
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