Thursday, July 06, 2017

Medicine Hat Visit

I decided to go to The Hat for the Canada Day long weekend. Ramona had the Friday and Monday off so it seemed like a good time. Tim and Court drove me to Red Deer, as they had to be there for something. My timing in arriving was perfect, the van dropped me off just before it was time to leave for swimming lessons. It was a pretty low key weekend. It was a pretty lowkey weekend, not a lot scheduled so lots of visiting time. A&E were highland dancing on Canada Day at one of the local parks where they were doing the festivities. We met Christine and Rhonda there and all enjoyed the dancing. A friend of Ramona's was having a Canada Day BBQ so we had supper there and spent the evening until it was time to leave and watch the fireworks. Just as we left the van to walk over to the spot to see the display it started pouring rain, but we toughed it out and it stopped halfway through. Sunday there was family BBQ at Ramona's, so got to see the whole family, except for Leila and her family. It was a fun weekend.


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