Sunday, July 09, 2017

Summertime in Nova Scotia

 Summertime in Nova Scotia sure is busy! People here sure do like to make the most out of the good weather. June was sort of rainy and cool, but by the time we had our church picnic on the last Sunday of June the weather had turned hot and lovely. We have the picnic at our summer church at the Amherst Shore, and then go across the street to the ocean side provincial park. There were games for the kids and we finished with a big water fight- mostly the kids against the rector!  Allie was on the kid's side.

We spent Canada Day in New Germany with Judi and Allies brothers and the kids. NG does a big parade and then there's a fair up at the Legion. People come from all over the area for the festivities.  We had a great time. Allie's nephew Malachi came home with us and stayed for a few days.

Malachi is ten, loves Pokemon Go beyond  all reason and has a soft spot for triple chocolate pancakes. He was here for four nights and we had a lot of fun. We went to a movie (Despicable Me 3)  and drove to see the fireworks in Pugwash since we had to leave New Germany before theirs. Malachi fell asleep on the way but Allie and I enjoyed them. We also went to the dinosaur museum in Parsborro, which was a lot like Joggins. It has the fossil of Canada's smallest dinosaur. Then we drove over to Moncton to the water park. It was so much fun- reminded me of Sylvan Lake. Moncton has a wave pool which is really fun, and a ride called The Lazy River which is this long gentle tube ride- just like floating around on a river. There were more exciting rides as well.

The day after Malachi went home, Mike and Kristen came to visit. Usually when we see them either we or they have to leave after one night but this time they stayed for two nights. We went to the beach- and I swam in the Atlantic for the first time. Because the water here is really shallow a long way out it's also really warm. And there are lots of jellyfish. But we didn't get stung, and had a great day at the beach. Our other friend Cate who was ordained two weeks ago also came up, and she was able to stay until today, and come to church.

Now Allie and I have the house for ourselves for a couple days. Bishop Feed, who was supposed to do the wedding, is coming on Tuesday to bless our house and take us out for supper. And I think next weekend we are camping on PEI, so I guess the busyness isn't going to end soon!