Saturday, November 14, 2015


We have had a couple of snowfalls this week, on Remembrance Day and today, snow on the 11th did not really stay, but maybe this will. Theresa and I went to the Remembrance Day ceremony at the high school, as always it made me think about the terrible things that happen during a war. Then with the Paris stuff last night, it made me think about it some more. I saw a lot of stuff on social media, for both events and I wonder why the wars in the past seem to bring out the thoughtful side of people and something that is happening right now brings knee jerk reactions and the horrible side of people. It is like trying to place blame is the most important thing to do. It makes me sad.

I had a good visit with Mom in Kelowna while the Wensinks were away on their annual trip to Ontario. It was a whirlwind of Dr.'s visits, medical tests and new meds for Mom. I was just the chauffeur to deliver her to the right place at the right time, so I was happy to have Lisa and Richard's car to do that with.  I also had time at the beginning and end of the trip to visit with The Wensinks, so a very satisfying trip. Sebastian seemed to warm up to me by the visit end, I think a lot of that had to do with supplying him food. Clem was her usual standoffish self, as long as Mom is there she does not need or want anyone else.

I took a side trip to Medicine Hat before coming back to Rocky. Again a lovely visit with everyone. Laura, Christine wants to know when her favourite is coming to see her. I got there late on Wednesday night and since Thursday is Rhonda's day with the girls, I got to spend the day with her as well. Fred and Christine were in and out of Ramona's house so visited quite a bit with them too.  On Friday Ramona and Rhonda had plans to go to a play in Calgary and left Hannah and I in charge of Anna and Evie. F&C made dinner (ham yumm) and Fred and I picked up the girls from school.  After they went home, Hannah got the kids ready for bed, and then we played scrabble. Sunday night was pizza and swimming at F&C's. Then Monday morning, hopped on the shuttle and bus and Geoff picked me up in Red Deer and home.

I went over for a visit to see T&C's new house. the boys gave me the grand tour of everything including the crawl space. It is a great house, Courtney and her Mom were in the midst of painting when I was there, so looking forward to seeing it with all the new colours.

Tonight T&G and I are going to see Little Miss Higgins at Grandview Stage, looking forward to it.


Blogger Laura Long said...

Wow, sounds like a great month. I agree with you on people's reactions. It is almost like they cannot make the connection that the events are similar. Folks i have known for some time post terrible things. It makes me sad also.

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